Albert van Wyk is a 24 year-old self-made millionaire, qualified Industrial Engineer and full time entrepreneur. His three main ventures includes car-rentals/sales, website and brand development services as well as property investing.

He comes from a normal middle class family. "My dad still teaches me a lot of valuable lessons. He made me realise that if I want to become a millionaire, I would have to learn from a millionaire.I made an effort to study other millionaires every day. I believe that this is a lesson you can also apply in your life."

His hobbies include playing drums, guitar, tennis or practicing golf. He loves comics and his favorite marvel super hero is Captain America. He`s a big F1 racing fan and always enjoys a good business book.

He is an entrepreneur at heart and is very passionate about personal development and self improvement as well as the improvement of others. A personal mission is to promote business growth and entrepreneurship in South Africa. He believes it is important to educate the youth and other people in the country about key financial concepts that is not currently taught in schools.

Albert enjoys intelligent challenging conversations and is known for his "coffee-dates" with colleagues and friends. You will generally find him busy working on some business idea or project, otherwise he would be busy learning a new skill or improving his life. He always has a friendly and welcoming smile that makes you instantly feel at ease.

Albert van Wyk