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Millionaire at 22 is an initiative with the main purpose of getting you filthy rich! – JUST KIDDING, it’s deeper than that. It’s about:

-Equipping people with the necessary tools to become financially established and independent.
-Promoting self-development and life enrichment.
-Encouraging business growth and entrepreneurship.

It is a practical and realistic guide to assist you in building a foundation that will enable you to achieve great success and to truly experience what life has to offer without any financial and mental barriers.


Although the title of the book is “Millionaire at 22”, it is a valuable read for people of all ages, circumstances and cultures. If you want to reach the top in life, this book is for you!

For the festive season, all products comes personally signed by Albert and wrapped in an awesome wrapping. On top of that, all products come with a FREE E-book that you can gift to someone special by entering their email on the Checkout page. Dismiss