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Empowering South Africa

Albert van Wyk
Millionaire At 22

Albert van Wyk is a 26 year-old self-made millionaire, qualified Industrial Engineer and full time entrepreneur. His main ventures includes Gazzaroo – website and brand development services as well as property investing.

His passion is empowering the youth of South Africa through financial eductaion.

What we do

The Book & Merchandise

Buy “How to Become a Millionaire at 22” and your awesome “Millionaire at 22” merchandise.

Corporate Talks

Book Albert to share some “wealth tips” and inspiration with your staff.

School Talks & Courses

Albert is passionate about making a difference in South Africa by investing in the financial education of the Youth.

Entrepreneurial Consults

Albert helps entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level.

investing in south africa Teaching Wealth Creation.

A personal mission is to promote personal development and self improvement as well as business growth and entrepreneurship in South Africa. He believes it is important to educate the youth and other people in the country about key financial concepts that are not currently taught in schools.

Books Sold

School Visits

Destinations Traveled

Selfies Taken


Get the hardcopy of “How to Become a Millionaire at 22” as well as awesome Millionaire Merchandise on the Millionaire Shop

Media features

Albert has extensive media coverage ranging from the Entrepreneur Magazine, 5FM, Pretoria News and Cliff Central to “Ontbytsake” and “Die Groot Ontbyt” on Kyknet.

School Talks

We travel the country to teach the correct financial tools & concepts to the youth of South Africa. As the Millionaire at 22, Albert is passionate about giving back to South Africa by  sharing the concepts from his book “How to Become a Millionaire at 22” with the youngsters of today. “I wished that some kind of entrepreneur would come to my school and teach me how to do business and entrepreneurship. Now we are doing that for South Africa”

School Courses

Albert van Wyk has a passion to educate the youth on how money works and how to generate their own income to become self sufficient in order to achieve and support their dreams.
He does talks at schools across the country to inspire the students with a wealth mindset and can-do attitude. Millionaire at 22 partnered with Young Entrepreneurs and launched their Young MiIlionaire course together. This is a 7 week (1 hr/day) or 1 day (7hrs) course. 

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