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Learn from the top entrepreneurs in South Africa.

Entrepreneurship plays a very important role in South Africa’s economy. The Millionaire at 22 team and Albert van Wyk is constantly traveling the country to speak at entrepreneurship events and school talks. If you want to become an entrepreneur and want to find out how to start your own business, or if you are already an entrepreneur and wants to improve your current business, you need to make sure that you do not miss these entrepreneurship events and business events. They are life changing.

As one of the youngest entrepreneurs in South Africa, Albert van Wyk has been on stage and created content with most of the top entrepreneurs in South Africa including Marnus Broodryk, John Sanei, Vusi Thembekwayo, Erik Kruger, Sam Beckbessinger, Grant Smee and many more. His biggest passion however is the school talks. Book Albert for your entrepreneurial events, School talks and Buisiness events.